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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Elwar - The First Called To Light

It sometimes feel like the one man black metal band is a lost art, especially in North America. That's part of what makes it so refreshing to hear the new mastery from Elwar, a one man project from Philadelphia who craft monochromatic classic black metal sounds. Their new record, The First Called To Light is an excellent concept record exploring Lucifer's relationship with Cain. It makes for an interesting story that underscores a thrilling overall delivery on a record that just keeps giving. This is the sort of black metal that you can really immerse yourself in and become truly fascinated or even excited by. 

On The First Called To Light Elwar is not reinventing the steel, but he does a great job of reflecting on the negative. The stripped back nature of the product with the dungeon level producion on the drums in particular actaully adds a lot to the overarching vibes of what this band is about. It' such a joy to really dive in and experience the power of a track like 'Fugitive / Wanderer'. Meanwhile the longest track on the album, the 19 minute epic "The First Called To Light" is simply on another level. It really speaks to what Elwar can be when it is operating at its highest potential. This is what helps to prove this is a project with a future. 

So yes - there are a few early career missteps on this record and moments where Elwar could be doing things better, but as a general rule, this is a really solid full length from an artist who has previously only put out a handful of singles. The First Called To Light sees Elwar pushing things to new extremes and exploring exciting new sounds. Really taking the time to experience them is a delight which will keep on giving as they begin to really uncover their potential. There's so much to dig here and the further I go, the more I think this could really be something. 

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