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Monday, August 30, 2021

Insect Ark - Future Fossils

Regular readers of this blog know that I have been a big supporter of Insect Ark for a very long time now. Future Fossils is a collection of B sides and a live recording from 2016 from a show I actually attended. Insect Ark have been crafting emotional ambient and dark sounds since 2012, and this collection of tracks really helps to shine the light on a specific period of the band, before Andy Patterson joined, and as project mastermind Dana Schechter was really seeing the music come to fruition, differentiating her oeuvre from the masses. 

Future Fossils is a dark, and oftentimes challenging listen. It's a record that isn't intent on going anywhere fast. Instead it's focused more on being in the moment, appreciating the dark ambient groundswell and letting listeners be enamored with the brooding darkness that has come to define so much of Insect Ark's music. The throbs of a track like 'Gypsum Blade' are oddly mesmerizing and leave listeners eager to delve deeper. Another highlight is the 23 minute improvised live recording that graces side B, "Gravitations" - it's a great look into what Insect Ark feel like at their finest when you are lost in a live performance.  

Insect Ark are a one of a kind force and Future Fossils, while not as exciting as a new record for the band, will certainly tide over fans curious for more from this highly vaunted project. Future Fossils continually speaks to the unique power of Insect Ark and suggests to devout listeners that there are many more layers to uncover in what Schechter is doing here. It's a fitting addition to the bands canon, and leaves me hungrier than ever for new material from a project that has fascinated me for years and years now.

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