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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Snares Of Sixes - MoonBladder

Snares Of Sixes is a Jason Walton led collaboration that is a veritable whose who of the avant metal scene. With a broad range of contributors involved in the project their latest offering, MoonBladder positions itself as a potent and one of a kind record. It's a dark ambient exploration of the soul, pushing new boundaries and leaving listeners questioning the heart of existence. Moonbladder impresses on a variety of levels, and letting yourself get immersed in its quiet brilliance is a delight on so many levels. This is dark music at its finest. 

MoonBladder fascinates with its elegant interlocking layers and quiet poetry. Served up as one massive, mostly instrumental, 29 minute track, the entire thing flows smoothly from moment to moment, guiding the listener on a practically post rock inspired journey with all sorts of weird sci fi frills and nods to classic prog. The record is certainly a product of its influences and doesn't hide that. There is a real dorkery to the whole thing, but it's also the sort of release you can just leave on repeat for hours at a time and really get lost in as you fall in love with it over and over again. This is what dark ambient was really meant to be in the first place. 

Though this offering certainly requires a bit of patience to really get through, it's a record that is going to consistently impress and charm listeners. Letting yourself get lost in its vision is a lot of fun and will see devotees coming back again and again. Snares Of Sixes prove on this record that they are a special force in the underground and it's far too easy to fall in love with their music. MoonBladder is an exciting hint of what is hopefully more to come and the deeper you delve the more glorious layers you'll pick apart. 

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