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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Trappist/Connoisseur - Cross Faded

I remember when Scotty Tankcrimes first told me he was putting this release together, saying "How cool is that? A split between a weed band and a beer band!" Now we're here and as someone who doesn't really take part in either of those things, I gotta say I'm still pretty impressed. Trappist and Connoisseur have come together to put together a record that is truly next level, mind breaking and over the top. These are two bands who not only make sense on a split thematically but also musically, with thrash metal riffs and hardcore grooves ensuring a moshing good time.

Trappist kick off the split with more of what made them such fan favorites in the first place. I will say that their redux of a DRI classic as "I Don't Need Sobriety" is an idea I had been toying with since high school (As I'm sure many DRI fans have) so I thought it was really fun that they broke that out. Otherwise - Trappist are Trappist, they fuckin' shred. Not much more beyond that. As for Connoisseur - well it's hard not to be impressed with their heavy hitting brand of d-beat with its sludgy frills and Earth Crisis inspired riffs. On both sides of the split this is music made by dudes who have been enamored with hardcore for years and won't stop anytime soon. 

Cross Faded is a helluva split and one that I think will leave fans of both bands heavy. It's heavy underground music for madmen who love this sort of thing and who have dedicated their lives to it. There is a crushing power to both bands that they seem to amplify in each other as they both get more and more cross faded. Immersing yourself in the high powered hate and the beer meets marijuana fueled magic is a blast. This is what underground music is supposed to be about, old friends making art together, and everyone involved gets that. 

Pre-order the album today!

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