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Friday, September 3, 2021

Alkuharmonian Kantaja - Shadowy Peripherals

Alkuharmonian Kantaja is a Finnish avant garde black metal project with a distinct vision and the tortured sounds that help to make this scene so captivating. Multi-layered and intricate in its blasphemy, this is avant black metal done in a way that leaves listeners gasping for air. Shadowy Peripherals is a surprisingly human gaze into the void from a band who deeply understand some of the most twisted components of the underground and who seem to consistently and eagerly unveil ever darker layers of the underground. 

Weighing in at just around 41 minutes, Shadowy Peripherals is not nearly as difficult to get through as many other avant garde black metal records these days. Shadowy Peripherals borrows from a vast array of influences, from jazz and classical to hints of folk and much more. This is distilled easily though into something that is as fierce as it is weird. It's a record that at its finest makes you question your sanity, and isn't that the goal of avant garde black metal in the first place? Alkuharmonian Kantaja are a one of a kind force and Shadowy Peripherals is a potent statement forcing us all to choke on the bitter pills they have force fed us. 

Mesmerizing and powerful, listeners can expect to rapidly be awed by the eerie synths and off kilter guitars that define this band. There are simply so many bizarro takes on the genre here and the bands dedication to exploring new sides of the sound makes them all the more exciting. Shadow Peripherals is a thriller any way you slice it and really immersing yourself in the darker components of the sound really helps to educate listeners on just how special Alkuharmonian Kantaja are. Will you let yourself fall in love with their blasphemy?

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