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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Vortex Of End - Abhorrent Fervor

Vortex Of End is a French blackened death metal band whose greatest ambition seems to be fighting the world. Their balls out assault and go for the throat attack speaks to a band who are unashamed to drink from the blood of their enemies. The bombastic and fiery rage that they bring to the table on their latest offering, Abhorrent Fervor is addictive, exactly the sort of fierce baclekened death metal that so many of us long for in the first place. It's a furious existence and one that willl continually provoke twisted emotions in the underground. 

Abhorrent Fervor stuns because of the ferocity of its assault. Tracks like "Cascades Of Epiphanies" make the torrential outburst of fury from the band feel much more real. The blazing hellspawn that drives this record is addictive. In particular, I love the drumming, it's ferocious and the asault is unrelenting. This, when paired with tight riffing and barely restrained vocals makes for an in depth listening experience that you're going to continually want to bathe yourself in. It's blackened death metal done in the grand old style with none of your concern for trends or trying to reinvent the genre in any way shape or form.

Extreme metal devotees are going to love this album. It's an unapologetic release that delves into some of the darkest moments of the genre. There is a very real sense of bombast here and tracks like really fleshes out the record on tracks like 'Cascades Of Epiphanies'. Abhorrent Fervor is a harrowing collection of tracks and immersing yourself in its beautiful and twisted vision is something that any headbanger should try to do. Join me in celebrating the dark and drinking from the night itself. This is music to make you gnash your teeth.

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