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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Full Of Hell - Garden Of Burning Apparitions

Full Of Hell are back with another crushing full length, and they prove once more that they are miles ahead of their peers. Garden Of Burning Apparitions marks a significant step forward for the band, and the raging ferocity that defines this new record comes newly tinted with math and noise elements. The end result is a record that nicely adds to the Full Of Hell canon and serves as a reminder of exactly how good these guys are. There is no holding back the grind darlings, and the chaotic, off kilter magic of this offering can't help but to impress. 

When you have a band like Full Of Hell who have been crafting twisted, extreme music at scale for well over a decade now, it's easy to hit a creative wall. However, it seems like Full Of Hell are genuinely on track to be heirs to Napalm Death, taking their grind roots and then building on them in fresh and exciting ways. The willingness to experiment has always been a crucial part of Full Of Hell's sound, but now it's more clear than ever. The music presented on Garden Of Burning Apparitions is creatively daring and genuinely exciting. A statement to the neverending wellspring of exciting ideas this band has. 

Abrasive and terrifying, Full Of Hell is most certainly not for everyone. For those of us who are devout to this very particular breed of powerviolence though, Full Of Hell are a one of a kind treasure. I sit here five or six listens deep on the record more enamored with it than ever. Perhaps the bands strongest offering since their collaboration with Merzbow, Full Of Hell prove consistently that they are veritable monsters. This is a truly talented band operating at the top of their game. Get ready for the assault or suffer.   

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