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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Arde - Ancestral Cult

Arde are a potent underground force. This new record from the band, Ancestral Cult is a masterful offering. It's the sort of band who can't help but to impress with the breadth of their sound and the vision that helps to shape them going forward. The Berlin group has found a way to craft ambient black metal that is true to themselves, that pushes beyond boundaries and forces listeners to really come to terms with the immensity of what the band is about. This is atmospheric black metal done right, where you can't help but turn it all the way up. 

What gets me about Ancestral Cult is how excellent it is as 'vibes music'. It's monochromatic and powerful, the sort of thing you put on and then just let yourself soak in. The touches of melody or clean guitar passages provide a splash of color, but they arereally just a fitting contrast to the tightly wound waves of black and white fury that will ensconce the listener and leave them in awe of the vision behind the band. The album closer "Vesica Piscis" is a perfect example of this with a dreamy clean guitar intro eventually giving away to layers of black metal fury cloaked in blast beats and wonderfully executed vocals.

Ancestral Cult shows that Arde are a one of a kind force. A couple records deep into their career and their sound is really starting to turn into something meaningful and exciting. This is a band with a clear vision for the future and the desire to push things further. Letting yourself get ensconced in whatever that means is a delight and a gift that will keep on giving. Join me in embracing the darkness. It's the only way forward in a world of pain. Arde understand that and will help you to transcend it all, and it is glorious. 

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