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Monday, October 4, 2021

Wombbath - Agma

Yeah this is a monster. Wombbath have come back with some of their strongest material to date. The unrelenting battle cry that is this new album is stunning and endlessly exciting. It speaks to a band who fundamentally understand the high flying magic of death metal and who eagerly encourage listeners to lose themselves in spellbinding layers of hate. This is death metal done right. Gloriously evil. Bombastic and benefiting from some truly gorgeous production. Agma is a thriller any way you slice it. Its assault is unrelenting. 

The bands trademark caveman stomp is at its finest on this record. Tracks like "A World Of Destruction" showcase a level of punishment that few of the bands peers can match. It's exciting to hear a group that, 30 years in, is still finding new ways to crack skulls and force listeners to choke on unrelenting suffering. Agma is a record that continually seems to uncover new layers of what Wombbath can be whilst simultaneously staying very true to the original core formula. This balance and the overarching sense of destruction that they spew on this album is just the sort of thing to keep listeners devoted. 

Agma is a crusher any way you slice it. It's a death metal nerds death metal record that sees elder statesmen of the genre coming back as powerful as ever. It's hard not to be charmed by the unrelenting assault and those of us who live our lives by this music are going to very quickly come to terms with just how special this project is. Letting yourself get decimated by the raw volume is a delight and has come as a blessing for me on this particularly busy Monday. Agma is a stunner, get ready for its release at the end of the year.

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