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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Greer - Happy People

So I guess early 2000s pop rock is cool again? Honestly - I love Greer, but they wear their influences on their collective sleeve. That being said - they are great at adding to the canon of bands like The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand and it's a delight to hear bands doing new music in this style. While this isn't necessarily what I might ave expected from Epitaph it makes sense why they would put out a band like this, with their tight songwriting and crystal clear production. As my roommate commented 'This could be an iPhone commercial.'

That's not to say though that Happy People is corporate rock, not by any stretch of the imagination. Honestly, if you listen deep to the dark layers of this EP it becomes clear that underneath a sparkling exterior, Greer are dealing with much grimmer themes of hypocrisy ad despair. The fact that they are excellent songwriters only adds to the magic and creates something with extremely high replay value. Seriously, I'm on like my third or fourth listen and am still loving every moment of it. Happy People is a shining EP that resonates with some remarkably bleak themes, encouraging listeners to delve in and uncover the misery on their own. 

Happy People is a masterful offering and one that I think devout listeners will come back too time and time again. It's the sound of a band really coming into their own and really starting to deal with their internal bitterness and resentment. This is a dark record and one that reminds us, it doesn't get easier, but we still have to learn to deal with it. Letting yourself experience this in its fullest extent is a delight and will keep you coming back to the hyper polished pop rock magic of this little gem of an extended play.

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