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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Mortiferum - Preserved In Torment

There is new Mortiferum and it is fucking sick. I'm sure you all expected that when this record got announced, but I'm glad to affirm that these Olympia death-doom masters are still crafting some of the heaviest and darkest music known to man. There is a monumental power and crushing horror that shapes their new record, Preserved In Torment that is going to resonate with fans of the underground for a long time. This is crushing death metal done at the highest possible level, dedicated to torment and executed with stellar production. 

Preserved In Torment impresses just because of how goddamn heavy it is in every sense of the world. Monumental riffs like the intro to 'Caudex Of Flesh' is a punishingly slow bone grinder that leaves listeners gasping for air and wondering just how they do it. There is a suffocating presence to Mortiferum that makes for some extremely compelling listening and which will entrance listeners as they fall ever deeper into the pit of suffering that has come to shape so much of their idiom. As an additional note - the growls on this record are fucking evil. They are almost reminiscent of classic Chris Barnes, seemingly ripped from the depths of the earth to crush skulls. 

Mortiferum have proven once more that they are one of the Pacific Northwest's premier doom metal exports. The unrelenting choke of Preserved In Torment is the perfect encapsulation of their devilish sound and incredible ability to leave listeners in awe. This is death metal done right, proving that bands will meaningfully add to the canon for years to come and perpetuate demented searches deep into the underground. Mortiferum are killers, any way you slice it. Come forth and get your body imploded November 5th. 

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