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Friday, October 22, 2021

Bears In Trees - and everybody else smiled back

One of the interesting things to me about the current wave of emo pop punk is really seeing the influence of bands like The Front Bottoms and Modern Baseball starting to find their place outside of bands that exist purely in the Northeast US microcosm that they emerged from. Such is the case with Bears In Trees whose excellent new record and everybody else smiled back is a veritable masterwork of the genre. It's a fun record colored with a sort of distinctly modern nostalgia. It's a record that proves this sort of music can transcend geographic barriers and have power all around the world.

The bands very English take on emo pop punk is a delight and something I will certainly be coming back too. It's such a delight to get lost in these songs of day to day life, trying to find a path and 'listening to MoBo.' There's a very real humanity that the band excel at communicating that makes tracks like 'Great Heights' so compelling. They may not be reinventing the wheel, but they do a great job of continually showing listeners that there is hope, even if you are being dragged down by depression and the seeming nihilism of day to day life. As is, the strong songwriting and humble approaches continually leave me in awe. 

Bears In Trees craft a very human sound on and everbody else smiled back, whether it be dealing with addiction, or simply being sad about a girl. This is a band who have built on the classic framework of the genre and put their own twist on it and it's gloriously addictive. This is the new wave of pop punk executed properly, distinctly modern and incredibly impressive. I'm personally pretty in awe of what these cats have done and anyone who has a place in their heart of r the emo revival is going to find something to be pleased with. 

Pre-order the album!

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