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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Ember Sun - On Earth And Heaven

For those in the know, funeral doom has really been having a moment these past few years. On Earth And Heaven is another addition to that pantheon courtesy of Ember Sun, the solo project of Order Of The Ebon Hand founder Lorthar. It's a one of a kind offering and one that I think devout fans are going to find themselves returning too in awe time and time again. Ember Sun manage to full differentiate themselves on this masterful new offering and prove that they are among the great new funeral doom projects. 

What gets me about this project is not just the ability to act on the tropes of the genre but also there willingness to go a little above and beyond. There are guitar solos here, interlocking growls and female vocals and so much more. It's a record that was very clearly a labor of love and the more time you spend examining its myriad layers and unique sound the more clear it becomes just how special this release is. It's a record that routinely goes above and beyond in attempting to prove to listeners that this is a funeral doom project with few peers, which can consistently impress with its willingness to build on classic ideas. 

I get the sense that this is only the beginning though. On Earth And Heaven is a great record, but it's not really a jaw dropper. But I get the impression the band could be releasing a jaw dropper soon. The myriad elements are here, but now things are going to start to really percolate into something truly special and mind blowing. Ember Sun are an impressive band and the more time you spend with them the more you realize just what they are onto. Letting yourself get lost in the madness only augments the fascination. 

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