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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Deber - Aspire To Affliction


Man - I am so excited that funeral doom is really having a moment right now. One of the most recent exciting additions to this newfound canon is Deber, whose latest offering Aspire To Affliction is an absolutely monumental work full of crushing guitars and vocals dragged straight from hell. Yes the production quality is lacking here and there but that only adds to the overarching magic of the band because it gives them that sort of dungeon demo quality. Letting yourself really get lost in these layers is a delight and hints at so much more to come. 

Aspire To Affliction will immediately strike listeners with its wonderful emotional depth. Tracks like 'Decay' really give a listener a sense of the despair that goes into this record. It's a release that seems to really feed on its most darkest moments and which pushes above and beyond in crafting sounds that make you question your sanity. The bottom scraping guitar tones and devastating bass lines only add to this, leaving listeners wondering where do we even go from here. While the melodic content isn't as pronounced as in many of their peers sounds, the subtle guitar layers add a sense of sorrow to the whole thing. 

Join me in letting yourself get crushed by this record. Aspire to Affliction is the sound of a band eagerly letting themselves get choked out and making us all suffer alongside. Their vision and compositions are devastating and it's a delight to really embrace the filth and look at all it will bring us. There is a sense of terror behind Aspire To Affliction. Terror of the human condition. Terror of a sorrowful world that will never let us see the light. Join me in reflecting upon this madness and lose yourself in the abyssal layers. It's worth it. 

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