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Friday, October 8, 2021

Sol Sistere - S/T


I've been following the atmospheric black metallers Sol Sistere for a while now. With their third full length, the Chilean atmospheric black metallers achieve bold new peaks and hint at all their sound could be. This is atmospheric black metal done right, with the intent of stunning listeners and leaving them gasping for air, desperately curious to see what happens next from such a talented and visionary band who seem to just keep on giving. This is what heavy music is meant to be about after all right? Sol Sistere get it, and there vision for crafting it remains uncanny, any way you choose to slice it. 

The beauty of this record well... the atmospheres. This is black metal that you can get lost in. Where monochromatic guitars are burnished brightly and speak to desperate futures that mesmerize listeners and leave them curious to embrace the crush. The transcendent power of a song like "Black Mass" is delightful. It really speaks to a band who understand some of the more interesting directions this genre could go. The breadth of the vision behind it and the passion that is so clear in every pore of this record only further enhances the overarching magic of what has been achieved here. This is atmospheric black metal to capture the imagination. 

While Sol Sistere are certainly not breaking new ground, these Chileans have found a way to really craft some truly excellent and thought provoking black metal that veterans of the genre are going to want to put on and vibe out too. When you really let yourself delve into the layers and experience the multifaceted vision behind Sol Sistere. It's an atmospheric journey that will get devotees excited. Let yourself travel broken landscapes with Sol Sister, it's a rewarding experience that will keep you coming back to these masters. 

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