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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Morguiliath - Occult Sins, New Unholy Dimension


The French black metal scene has long reigned as one of the most interesting and dynamic in Europe. Morguiliath are simply another part of the pantheon. The solo project of Rats also of Meyhnach and Suicide Circle, Morguiliath is a truly terrifying project that really feasts on human sanity and continually hints at newer, darker layers of our shared condition. Their second record, Occult Sins, New Unholy Dimension is a masterful and blood curdling brand of French black metal that will leave listeners in awe. 

I think what gets me about this record is the animalistic nature of the vocals combined with some very solid classic black metal songwriting. This is a project that very much leans on the creations of its musical forefathers but does so in a way to be as despairing, terrifying and straight up nihilistic as possible. There is a real sense of depravity and horror that emerges from the crypt when Morguiliath unleash a song like the doomed burner "Ghouls Sphere". This is black metal shredded back to the nub, dedicated to wiping away your sanity and forcing you to choke on the bitter pill of your own distorted reality.

Occult Sins, New Unholy Dimension is a primeval and terrifying black metal release. It's a record that forces us to look at our own humanity and force us to appreciate the blasphemy of our existence. While this record is definitely alienating to those who have not been indoctrinated in the scene, for those of us who have been true to the underground for years, or decades even, Occult Sins, New Unholy Dimension serves as a potent look into the pain of the human condition, guaranteed to keep you up at night in shock of what you have witnessed.

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