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Sunday, October 10, 2021

In Aphelion - Luciferian Age

Now this is a monster. Signed to the almighty Edged Circle Productions, In Aphelion have quickly made a name for themselves as black metal heroes of a different stripe. Their latest offering Luciferian Age is a blazing four track EP full of twisted riffs and frostbitten sounds. This is black metal done right, with a snarl and the desire to crack skulls. Few bands really grasp the underground in the same way as In Aphelion and the sheer swagger and hate that they deliver with this monsterpiece is delightful to say the least. 

When you press play on Luciferian Age you are gearing up to drink from the night itself. The bitter blasphemies of tracks like 'Wrath Of A False God' are stunning and nicely align melodic content with inverted power chords and frozen riffs. The sense of torment and internal pain that is communicated with this record only speaks to the bitterness of the musicians creating it. In Aphelion tap into so much of what makes black metal exciting, and when they rip out a high powered solo or come stomping out with a bombastic vocal line, it rapidly becomes clear how much these guys love black metal and how well they consistently execute. 

Luciferian Age is a treat any way you slice it. This is black metal executed at a million miles an hour and spitting hatred all the way. They understand the core tenets of the genre and it's a delight to really get lost in the vision that they have crafted. Luciferian Age is a masterful release and one that has me curious to go back deeper into In Aphelion's catalog and start to identify past successes that helped to get them to the point that they could create a war cry as devastating and terrifying as this one. What more is there to ask for from a black metal record?

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