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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Killer Hill - Frozen Head

Killer Hill is an interesting Helmet side project that dances on the edge of alt rock and thrash metal .IT pulls quite clearly from the wellspring of bands like Mastodon, Red Fang, and of course, Helmet. This is a one of a kind project and one that I think devout listeners are going to find themselves consistently charmed by. Frozen Head is a masterful offering and one that will keep listeners coming back in awe of the unique sonic highways that Killer Hill craft for themselves as they leap from peak to peak on this debut EP. 

I think the thing that really gets me about this record is the willingness to have openly jammy or flashy passages. Yes there are song structures, but the band isn't afraid to just lean into a groove and experience the magic of it for real. They are excited to get deep into the sound and unveil forgotten layers in a way that is thoughtful and tastefully executed. The guitar tone too is gorgeous, it's nice and warm, providing a reprieve for me on a gloomy autumn day. There are a lot of interesting layers on this record and the deeper you delve the more it becomes clear how much work went into these six tracks. From hard hitting thrashers to introspective grooves, Frozen Head executes with aplomb. 

At the end of the day - this is a delightful listen and one that I think more than just Helmet fans will be coming back too. This is a potent offering that leans into its own organic power and the larger vision that helps to shape it into something truly special. Letting yourself get lost in it is a delight and the bands diverse set of influences and willingness to build on old legacies makes for music that is engaging, endearing and endlessly exciting. This is heavy music done right in a way to charm the masses.

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