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Monday, October 11, 2021

Morgul Blade - Fell Sorcery Abounds

So this is maybe the dorkiest band you'll hear all day. That being said - their name is Morgul Blade so what would you expect? This is a band whose flawless fusion of Bathory with Manowar makes for a sound that is delightful and interesting. I've rarely heard anyone try to really combine second wave black metal with true metal archetypes, but it works weirdly well and makes for a compelling record from a Philadelphia band who have very quickly found their sound. This is heavy metal done right and endlessly charming to die hards.  

Fell Sorcery Abounds is a masterful offering any way you slice it. This is a record that leans into the old school and has these amazing classic vibes that permeate both the black metal parts as well as the true metal moments. The end result is something that is wholly righteous and which really flourishes with its flashy guitar playing and vocal gymnastics. There is a real sense of fun that goes througout this record to that makes it a delight to listen too. You can tell how much the guys loved putting this together and how much their very specific niche of fans is going to love what they do because it's just interestingly executed. 

Morgul Blade are a one of a kind force that will stun and charm listeners. It's a record I wasn't entirely expecting but is totally in line with a band whose name is as nerdy as this one. I'm personally pretty in love with what these guys do and the deeper I delve into
the record, I see that it certainly stands up to multiple listens. This is an interesting take on a few classic tropes done in a way that, while previously explored, has certainly not been uncovered enough. It's good to hear a new band paying heed to the old gods. Join me in honoring their efforts. 

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