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Sunday, October 3, 2021

Le Chant Noir - La Société Satanique des Poètes Morts

Ok I'm not going to lie - this is one of the most French sounding French black metal records I've ever heard. La Société Satanique des Poètes Morts has all the trademarks that make the French scene great; epic production, multilayered compositions, eerie synths and an overarching sense of evil that will make even the strongest stomach turn. It's truly unsettling, a touch disturbing and a wonderful reminder of how magnificent this blasphemous scene can be when projects are done right with a larger vision behind them. 

Spindly and spellbinding, there is a sense of the grandiose to this record that can't be matched. Very few bands pull from such a wide range of influences, within this record I heard everything from Arcturus and Dark Funeral to French cabaret by way of trad doom. Yet it all comes together under a gloriously Satanic and extremely witchy vision of a bleak and demented world. You get a sense of the archaic throughout this record and it's such a pleasure to really let yourself get lost in the twisted vision that shapes tracks like "Le Vampire". La Société Satanique des Poètes Morts was clearly a labor of love but the triumph is immense.

Honestly - going through this record is like reading a really good horror novel. There are simply so many layers interlocking and it's just so much fun to really let yourself experience how twisted they all can become. There is a cinematic and powerful bent to the record. It's the sort of album you just keep coming back too and discovering more and more good stuff from every time. This is a reminder as to why we all love this music and the twisted vision behind it is exactly the sort of thing to keep you immersed.

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