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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Triacanthos - Apotheosis

Classic Texas black metal? Yes please! Such is the magic of Triacanthos, whose band name references the honey locust tree, which was used for Christ's crown of thorns. (C'mon - that's a seriously sick band name) Apotheosis is the masterful debut offering from the band and the skill with which they deploy their assault on this record is truly thrilling. It speaks to a band who have really digested the core elements of the genre and are only going to get better from here. Exactly the sort of thing underground devotees live for. 

Apotheosis has a very real sense of bombast that decorates a lot of the songs on this record. I particualrly love the way the acoustic guitar provides a bit of dynamic contrast on a track like 'Lycanthropic Transmutation'. This ties into the other point about this record - it really loves a lot of the classic black metal themes, be that werewolves or blasphemy as on "Thaumiel (Extinguishing The Holy Light)", the band isn't really coming out to surprise you, but instead just beating listeners over the head with a deep understanding of the tropes that helped to shape the genre and consistently set these guys in a league of their own. 

Raw and unfiltered, Apotheosis is a black metal nerds black metal record. It taps into so many classic elements of the sound that should not be forgotten and the further I delve in the more I realize just how talented these guys are. This is black metal done right ,charming listeners and consistently showcasing a deeper vision. I'm very excited to see where these guys take their frostbitten sounds next, because I for one am here to join their tumultuous mission across the frostbitten fjords by way of Texas. It's a trip devotees should not miss.

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