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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Aegrus - The Carnal Temples

Man - it's just a good feeling to inject your day with some classic feeling black metal. There is a real magic to bands like Aegrus and their dedication to the classic tropes of a genre that has shaped so many of us. This latest offering, even though it is a mere EP, is a record that will capture the imagination of devotees of the underground as they flock to the undulating waves of demented riffs and glorious black metal imagery. This is over the top and orthodox black metal at its finest, utterly committed to cracking skulls around the globe. 

The Carnal Temples thrills because of its ability to build on classic tropes and routinely impress with the classic black metal riffs that are its bread and butter. Tracks like "In Death Rapture" really thrive on old school black metal magic and evoke a certain second wave bitterness that takes years of hard work to evoke. Of course for a band like Aegrus who are already fifteen years in, this sort of thing comes naturally. This is a band who flawlessly embody the beating heart of Finnish black metal, it is a delight to immerse yourself in their blasphemies and come to terms with a sound that revels in its own uncovering of the heart of darkness. 

Aegrus have crafted something truly impressive on this EP, something that demands devotees of the underground go in and delve deeper into their discography as their are countless missed gems here. This is twisted black metal done right, building on the internal evil of the genre and capitalizing on some of the ideas that make their nations take on the whole thing so compelling. The Carnal Temples is a masterful offering and proof that their label, the legendary Osmose Productions, will be starting off 2022 right.

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