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Friday, November 26, 2021

Savage Deity - Decade Of Savagery

Why is it that southeast Asian death metal is so fuckin' sick? There's something in the water making this the evillest and most exciting music in the world. Savage Deity are just another killer addition to the pantheon, with their new record, Decade Of Savagery celebrating a decade of... well y'know... savagery. This is death metal done right, executed at high speeds and threatening listeners with its soul incinerating fury. The homage to the underground and the bone crunching madness that defines this offering is exciting and will keep devotees lost in the bitter twisted magic of the music. 

Decade Of Savagery excites in its ability to conjure up raw convoluted darkness. The twisted imagery that fuels a song like 'Kill This Cult' is delightful and speaks to a band whose bloodthirst simply can't be matched. It's a delight to lose yourself in the fierce musicianship and off kilter melodies that define this record. AS with many southeast Asian bands, the focus is not so much on quality of execution (Although this is definitely a well put together record) but more the ability to evoke some truly twisted vibes. That's where the record truly shines with its layers of Slayer worship and old school death metal invocations that slaughter the soul. 

Savage Deity aren't really reinventing the steel on this record, but they are kicking ass and forcing posers to lap up the blood. This is a death metal fans death metal record in every sense of the word. It's fast, intense and will leave you hungry for more. If you're willing to dive into the pit, Save Deity will reward you with a deep wellspring of riffs that drink your blood and leave you moshing until you die. This is heavy metal done in the most mind melting way. Listen now and enjoy embracing the darkness with me once more. 

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