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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Backslider - Psychic Rot

To say the new Backslider is one of my most anticipated records of 2022 would be an understatement. This is a band I've been watching slay basements since 2014, a band who have long since established a reputation as Philadelphia's best kept underground secret, and whose sludge meets grindcore assault will club you over the skull. This is extreme music that lives by the maxim that 'This Band Could Be Your Life' and when you really get into their new record Psychic Rot it becomes clear just how special these guys are. 

Backslider routinely impress on Psychic Rot. It's a record that really builds on the sound they have been cultivating for fourteen years. The band distills so many years of punk rock fury into just a few minutes here, and the compositions, stripped down as they are, demand multiple listens. This is a band who really reflect on the power of the underground, building on classic tropes and routinely reminding listeners exactly why they are so special to so many. Skull crushing and unmerciful, this is heavy music done right, leaning into the most twisted aspects of the genre and keeping things true to the magic of an ever changing underground. 

All I'm trying to say is if you like heavy music and are at all interested in punk or sludge, then this is something you're going to need in your life. If you're from the Northeast you've probably already had your face melted off by this band, hopefully multiple times. If you haven't seen them yet then dive in with this record when it drops in February and get ready for a taste of glorious brutality. Psychic Rot is a transcendent and exciting record that seems to routinely act as a rallying cry for the scene. Gather around it as Backslider unleash their manifesto, and then collect the scattered pieces of your flesh in the aftermath. 

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