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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Anomalie - Tranceformation

I've been following Anomalie for a while now, and this latest record, Tranceformation is on a totally different level. Their take on blackgaze is transcendent and exciting, it's exactly the sort of thing that captures the imagination of the underground and leaves me in awe at the bands compositional powers. Tranceformation is a stunner any way you slice it, a record you want to get lost in and which will continually impress listeners with its sonic layers and the overarching vision that really helps to dictate the scope of what the band can be. 

Tranceformation thrills because of the inherent drama of the record. The heavy use of clean vocals is particularly telling and adds a lot to the distinctive bombast that helps to shape this offering. The gorgeous production is also immensely helpful, allowing tracks to really ring out and live up to their fullest potential. It's the sort of thing that expands upon the classic ideas within the genre and hints at the new directions the band can take. Moments here almost feel like they would fit on an arena rock record. This is Anomalie taking their music to a whole new level, embracing the transcendence and the power and reflecting on all it can be. 

I'm stunned with this album, the press text said it was a late bid for album of the year lists and they were not wrong. Tranceformation is the record that in ten years people will point too and say 'This is what pushed Anomalie to the next level.' It's the record that showed us definitively how good the band are and what helps to make them such an interesting force in the underground. Tranceformation is a thriller in every sense of the word and taking the time to really immerse yourself in it is a delight. Here's to a new generation of post black metal!

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