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Monday, November 22, 2021

Krolok - Funeral Winds & Crimson Sky

Man I love black metal. To be able to be involved with it is one of the true gifts in my life. It's records like Funeral Winds & Crimson Sky from Krolok that really crystallize this passion for me. A record that has some tracks that were nearly twenty years in the making, Krolok have found a way with this album to craft some amazing atavistic black metal that is fueled by primitive riffs and creepy dungeon dwelling synths. Combined with lo fi production you have a record that feels classic and timeless, reflecting the original vision of the genre. 

Honestly - the thing that strikes me the most about this record is the willingness to use sounds that feel 'old'. That is to say - there is a clear focus on capturing the nineties black metal sound on this record in everything from the mix to the guitar and synth tones. Even the relatively stripped back drums reflect these classic black metal leanings. While for the uninitiated this might make the music hard to listen to, for those of us who have spent our lives immersed in the music it makes for something weirdly comforting and exciting to really get to spend time with. Funeral Winds & Crimson Sky excels in pulling from these classic tropes to create something new and exciting. 

Krolok have refined something here that is truly masterful, exactly the sort of thing that fans of the underground are going to revel in getting lost in. This is certainly not a record for everybody, but for those of us who revel in this sort of underground filth and who are enamored with the twisted and dark visions of what this music can be, this record is a rare treasure. It perfectly builds on countless tropes we have all been raised on and it shows there are still paths forward even within the relatively limited framework of classic orthodox black metal. 

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