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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Somnolent - The Infernal Expanse


It's the day before Thanksgiving. People are gathering with their families. The world is slowing down for a minute as we gather to say thank you. What more could you want then to blast some weird ambient and experimental black metal? At least that's how I feel, and Sentient Ruin has once more delivered. The ambient noise meets black metal terror of Somnolent shines brightly on their new record The Infernal Expanse a release that scrapes the bottom of my sanity and forces me to dig ever deeper as I search for meaning. 

There is something completely thrilling about the dark vibes and oddly meditative nature of this record. The groaning madness and very gradual ebb and flow of this release borders on the terrifying and hints at a humanity holding its breath as it looks at its fate being decided. There are so many dark and twisted layers keeping this record fascinating, and as you navigate its four tracks you are going to drink fro mthe night itself and experience all sorts of weird and blasphemous layers to the sound. The Infernal Expanse is a mind melting record that pushes boundaries and forces listeners to really appreciate the inherent darkness of the genre. 

The Infernal Expanse is a borderline horrific listen. The snarling and sniveling madness that drives these tracks is thrilling and the industrial drums that underpin the whole thing add a weirdly apocalyptic tint to the record. This is a clear labor of love and one that really scrapes on the human psyche. It's a thrilling discovery from Sentient Ruin and an offering that will make you shake and tremble. Investigating its darkest notes and most challenging compositions is not for the faint of heart - but it certainly is rewarding.

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