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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Archgoat - Worship The Eternal Darkness


Few flames have burned with the same twisted passion since the 80s. Of those, fewer still have kept true to classic black metal tropes. The Finnish iconoclasts in Archgoat though are a noteworthy exception, whose new record, Worship The Eternal Darkness delves on the mind shattering evil that helped to make this band so special in the first place. This is crushing black metal done right, drinking blood and forcing listeners to bend the knee in the face of ultimate evil in sonic form. It's phenomenal is what it is.

On Worship The Eternal Darkness Archgoat don't necessarily break out any new tricks, but they do a good job of building on the gloriously blasphemous elements that make Archgoat, Archgoat. Their take on Finnish black metal has always been unique, and this new record simply builds on that. With a career now spilling into its 5th decade, it's clear that Archgoat know exactly what they are trying to do when they hit the studio, and it rules. There is a twisted, burning energy that fuels Worship The Eternal Darkness that ensures even mid tempo crushers like album closer "Burial Of Creation" maintain a certain fiery power. 

Archgoat have come and conquered once more on this album. They prove time and time again that they are ranked among the old gods for a reason, and that reason is they craft some of the most compelling black metal in the underground. There are no frills on this album, it's just black metal, here for your fucking skull and once again proving that there are new layers of demented noise that we can be exploring. Let yourself get lost in it and forever profit from over thirty years of blasphemy that shape Worship The Eternal Darkness.

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