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Monday, November 1, 2021

Memory Garden - 1349

The Swedish power-doom masters are back! Memory Garden's first full length in eight years is a masterful power-doom epic full of crushing riffs, epic melodies and larger than life vocals that make for a compelling listen that nicely touches on the state of the genre and hints at all there is to come from these underground metal masters. Their new record, 1349 is a potent concept album delving deep into the black plague and the darkness surrounding those years. This record serves as a fitting exploration of a bleak time in human history. 

1349 impresses because of the sheer bombast of the offering. Tracks like 'Pariah' have a wonderfully epic power behind them and it's hard not to be entranced with the melodic guitars and soaring vocals. This is a band who are clearly enamored with classic metal and their interpretation of those influences has manifested itself in a fresh and exciting way. They have become the masters of this genre for a reason, it's not just because they've been at it for 30 years, but because on a fundamental level they understand the crushing power of doom metal an what can be done when its taken to the highest soaring possibilities. 

Memory Garden have gone above and beyond on this record. It may have been eight years for them to craft this record, but I think fans will agree it was well worth the wait. 1349 is an album that elegantly executes on classic tropes and which repeatedly reminds us why we all love this music in the first place. It's always thrilling when a band of veterans like this can come back having not missed a step. You've got to respect the level of game they bring to the table and the dynamic power of their most recent offering. 

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