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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Ernte - Geist Und Hexerei

It's Wednesday - guess that means its time for Helvetic Black Metal! Ernte are a twisted duo emerging from Switzerland with a classic sound that proves a deep dedication not just to their own countries take on the genre but also more Nordic forms of black metal. There ability to balance dark and light is potent and speaks to the musicianship that goes into the band. Letting yourself get lost in these myriad layers and the crushing power of Geist Und Hexerei is a treat that really speaks to just how talented these cats are. 

Due out December 3rd on Vendetta Records, Ernte is a project that seems to eagerly lean into black metal vibes as much as it does black metal. The eerie and ambient introduction of a track like album closer, "The Ending Void" is delectable and speaks to a sound that is capable of really capturing the imagination and leaving listeners in thrall. Meanwhile, the moments of blasting fury and tormented vocals help to nest the entire thing in an undeniable humainty. It makes for a compelling listen, even if Ernte aren't necessarily reinventing the steel or leaving us in awe of their technical histrionics. That's not the point. 

At the end of the day this is a record focused on letting listeners feel their own inner torment. It's about getting lost in the vibes, and though classic black metal may dominate those elements, there is definitely a myriad of other influences coming in to impact the music. Pressing play on this masterwork is a delight that will leave listeners stoked and desperately searching for more. I'm curious to see where these guys take the sound next. There is simply so much that can be done with this core formula, it demands further exploration.

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