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Monday, November 8, 2021

So Hideous - None But A Pure Heart Can Sing

So Hideous's None But A Pure Heart Can Sing has got to be one of the undergrounds most anticipated records of the year. It's been six long years since the band broke countless boundaries with Laurestine and since then we've been tantalized by the promise of a new record from these New York City masters of their craft. At long last we have the bands third full length (Not counting 2016's orchestral reimagining, Laurestine Orchestral) and by god is it a stunner. So Hideous have really outdone themselves this time. 

None But A Pure Heart Can Sing impresses with its emotional depth and the breadth of the compositions. Tracks like 'Motorik Visage' really speak to the bands ability to conjure larger than life soundscapes and speak to the poetry of their brand of symphonic post black metal. The way that they use the symphonic elements to really fuse the bombast is exciting and it's such a delight to really get immersed in the elegance of what they've conjured up here. This is a record that continues to impress any way you slice it and getting lost in its myriad layers really speaks to the larger than life sensibility they've conjured up. 

So Hideous have proven once again that they are among the most talented bands in metal and that they can still manage to evoke exciting new ideas and high concept albums that live up to their prodigious talent. This is a one of a kind band and letting yourself get immersed in what they do is really a pleasure. None But A Pure Heart Can Sing is a stunner in ever sense of the word and letting yourself get lost in it is exciting. There is simply so much to sink your teeth into on this one, it's a gift that keeps giving. 

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