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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Genocide Pact - S/T


Genocide Pact have long been an East Coast death metal favorite. I remember first seeing them play a basement in Baltimore back in 2014, and it was sick. Since then, the band have built on their trademark brand of brutal and unforgiving death metal. The crushing assault of their latest self titled offering is delectable and speaks to a band who are unafraid to go for the throat and revel in the blood of the innocent. This is death metal done to the heaviest extreme. 

Nothing Genocide Pact is really reinventing the steel, or honestly too far outside of the current polemic of brutal OSDM style bands who are dominating the scene right now. That being said - Genocide Pact's approach is sick and their willingness to go for the throat with devastating, and oftentimes hardcore fueled riffs is delectable. The punishing crush of a track like "Deprive/Degrade" really speaks to their bottom end scraping ways. The bone crunching assault that defines this record is addictive and speaks to a band who are continually beating you over the head with volume and speaking to an almost terrifying level of sonic waste. 

Genocide Pact is a helluva record and one that shows this band is more than capable of living up to their early promise. This is music for long hairs to caveman stomp around basements too and which will see the band dominate bills across the country. Death metal is a genre that really needs a sense of torment to be executed properly, and Genocide Pact understand this on a fundamental level. Grab this record and get ready to experience a circle of violence of a sort few of the bands peers could even conceive.

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