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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Eyemaster - Charcoaled Remains / Festering Slime

I'm not gonna lie. I checked out this band because their name is fuckin' Eyemaster. That's just sick. Come on. I'm pleased to report that the music is equally awesome. Their debut seven inch, Charcoaled Remains / Festering Slime is a killer dose of old school death metal delivered with rumbling bass, barked vocals and chainsaw guitars. It's not complex music, but iti s killer. It's exactly the sort of thing that gets kids throwing their bodies around in the pit, thrilled at the crushing might of the underground. There's something primal and powerful about this band.

The devastating crush of this record is a delight to immerse yourself in, and it's clear from the first how much fun the guys in the band are having. This is death metal done right, paying tribute to the classic tropes of the genre and evoking a sense of pure underground hatred that few of their peers can even compare too. This is the true underground, executed with dungeon level production and a twisted visdion. Also look at the art - it's sick. Anyway - devout death metal fans need to check this out before they wreck stages across Europe next year. Trust me on this one.

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