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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Tower - Shock To The System

Tower have long been my favorite NYC hard rock band, and I think it's easy to see why. Their late 70s inspired New York aesthetic is a ton of fun and showcases a group who understand what it means to write an excellent rock song. Their new record, Shock To The System is chock to the brim of all of the elements that make Tower great, killer songwriting, epic vocals and high powered guitars. It's the sort of thing you know is immediately going to translate to the live stage and which shines with a level of fun few of the bands peers can compare too. 

Shock To The System is an absolute delight to spend time with. It's a record that is full of rock and roll histrionics, but th3ey make sense and feel good in the context of the band. This is music for people who want a young and fun band who straight up rock, who build on classic rock with their own brand of high powered glory. This is a shock to the system because it's so much more compelling than almost any other rock coming out these days. It speaks to a band who understand the magic of this music and inspire even the most square among us to come out rocking and rolling, reveling in the neverending magic of a veritable ballroom blitz. 

This record is a significant step up for Tower and one that I think fans of the underground are going to dig deep into. It's an album that consistently one ups itself with triumphant moments of slightly ridiculous bombast - but bombast that Tower control expertly. This is heavy music done right, at a million miles an hour and with a vision that will guide listeners into headbanging bliss. Join me in reveling in the magic of Shock To The System -  a rock and roll record that proves there is still hope and that NYC still kicks ass when it wants too.

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