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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Party Cannon - Volumes Of Vomit

Few bands have become underground favorites on a higher level than Party Cannon. Their silly take on the genre and willingness to descend into the frankly sillier sides of the genre has really set them apart and made them into favorites of the underground. The twisted vocalizations and glorious curb stomping riffs are a delight to really sink your teeth into. Slam addicts across the world will find themselves caveman stomping across their apartments as they experience the magic of over the top tracks like "I Believe In Dani Filth" 

As someone who has been listening to Party Cannon since their first studio release (Seriously check out this review I wrote when I was 18: it's been really fun to watch the bands growth and their willingness to stay true to the classic tropes that made so many people fall in love with them in the first place. Volumes Of Vomit may be the bands first full length in seven years (How does that even happen??) but it's an extremely fun one and one that I think underground devotees will revel in. There are no surprises here, other than perhaps the odd Peep Show sample, but even that should be par for the course from the band who wrote "Duct Taped To A Flag Pole". 

So yeah - if you already loved Party Cannon then Volumes Of Vomit is going to be more of what you want, meme-ified slam full of great riffs and all manners of vocal stylings, some of which border on jokes. It's ridiculous and fun, exactly the sort of thing that weirdos into this type of music are going to be enamored. There are so many classic moments here served up with a nudge and a wink. It's really fun to blast at maximum volume and even more fun to mosh along too with your friends. Slam may not be for everyone, but I certainly am left putting this on repeat. 

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