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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Bâ'a - Egrégore

Bâ'a are a thoughtful and often intimidating black metal band emerging from the darkest recesses of the French scene in order to crush skulls with their terrifying brand of black metal. This is the genre taken to a logical extreme, destined to leave listeners terrified and constantly driving towards weird new heights. There is a very real sense of torment that has shaped this band, and their new record Egrégore is a masterpiece of modern black metal.It's twisted, blasphemous and incredibly emotional, making for some fascinating listening. 

Egrégore impresses because of the breadth of the compositions. Tracks like "Bellum" are extended epics that guide you into a very clear set of vibes and allows you to really understand the internal bitterness of Bâ'a. There are layers to the hatred here and the venom spitting magic of this album is truly inspiring. It speaks to a band who are going to keep listeners fascinated as they dig ever deeper into their unique brand of Franckish darkness. This is a record that stuns with its vicious snarling excellence. Let yourself get lost in the purity of the hatred and come out all the more powerful. It's exactly the sort of thing you need to get you through the week.

Bâ'a have pulled from several sides of the black metal scene to craft something powerful. Simultaneously borrowing from the second wave as well as more avant garde leanings. The intensity of the compositions speaks to a band who have really committed to getting lost in this madness. There is an almost Lovecraftian intensity to some of these songs. Letting yourself get immersed in them is a delight. Bâ'a have built on the black metal canon to showcase a new type of hatred, one you need to fall in love with just as much as I have. 

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