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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Vile Ritual - Tongues of the Exanimate

Sentient Ruin puts out a ton of amazing music. Their taste in the underground, the blasphemous and the downright unholy is palpable and keeps listeners coming back, entranced is impeccable. The latest addition to their fine pantheon is Vile Ritual whose new album Tongues Of The Exanimate is a fucking crusher any way you slice it. This is primitive and evil death metal done with the devil in mind. There is a devastating to this crush in all its hammer smashed glory that will keep devotees of the genre coming back to its horrifying sounds. 

Ultimately - I think that with records like this it's important to let yourself get immersed in the inherent blasphemy of the music. These songs are recorded chock to the brim of bottom end. Quite frankly the album art, dark, evil and finely detailed nicely matches the production style. Yes it can be hard to make out what's going on sometimes but then when you dig in you'll find there are more fucked up layers than you can shake a stick at. This is death metal done right, full of crushing sonic abysses and gutturals that leave you questioning your sanity. Vile Ritual are impenetrable listening for a death metal generation raised on madness. 

Vile Ritual have crafted a crusher here any way you slice it. This is USDM committed to clawing at your sanity, it's only after death. Let yourself get lost in the unmitigated hate and you'll wind up with demented rewards. It's a record that will charm the truest of the true and which continually seems to lean into its own sonic misery. When it drops on the 28th the world will become a slightly more evil place. As for now - most of the record is already available for streaming on Bandcamp so give it a spin and raise your horns.

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