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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Boris - W


W - now there's a title for an album that immediately turns heads and makes a statement. Such is the magic of Boris's latest offering, a masterful nine track effort where Wata takes on all vocal duties and impresses with a range of sounds shifting from new age to noise. The band once more proves that they have a deep understanding of heaviness that is unique and one of a kind, it's the sort of artsy crush that few of the bands peers can ever live up too, and now, more than a quarter century in it's clear that Boris are really undisputed masters of their craft. 

It's a delight to really immerse yourself in the magic of W. The layers of sound, and the willingness to explore different sides of the genre is palpable. The execution on a track like "You Will Know" is stunning, with layers of distortion and crashing drums coming together with hints at video game music and more in order to unleash something that will just implode your skull. It's a record that terrifies listeners and which seems to continually push itself further, demanding listeners really bathe in volume and come to understand a new level of darkness, a type of sound that only the masters, Boris, can really communicate. 

Boris have proven once again that they are a once in a generation force. Every twist and turn they add to the myth is exciting. Every new vision that they unfold is potent and letting yourself get immersed in the sound is a delight. This is the art of heavy music taken to the most logical extreme and resulting in an endlessly fulfilling conclusion that the band is only going to build on going forward. It's impossible not to be charmed by these Japanese geniuses, so get ready for Friday's release, because you're going to love what they've conjured up here.

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