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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Invultation - Unconquerable Death

Ok so this is fuckin' sick. Invultation are a band who have drank deeply from the well of old school death metal in order to craft a crushing and unique sound that terrifies listeners with its bleak vision and basement dwelling vibes. Their second LP, Unconquerable Death is an absolute bone cruncher of a record, full of devastating riffs and an overarching vision that will have you gasping for air. This is death metal done right, executed at a high level and determined to leave listeners begging for more. The further you delve the more enticing it becomes. 

Unconquerable Death fascinates with the level of depravity that it embraces and the ability to go deep into the darkest corners of the genre and execute with aplomb. It's a death metal nerds death metal record, full of plenty of old school idioms but also with the sort of heaviness and quality songwriting that only comes with years of hindsight and cherry picking some of the sickest moments from the genre as a whole. The end result is an absolute crusher of a record that just keeps on giving. There may be no huge surprises here, but when the initial "Oogh" kicks in with all that glorious reverb on "All Flesh Falls Into Dust" you know you're onto something special. 

Invultation scratch that primitive death metal itch perhaps better than any other band I have heard this year. There are few bands who really understand the power of a well executed blast beat or a hectic riff better than these guys. The throat ripping magic that fuels them on Unconquerable Death is addictive and a weirdly nostalgic good time for old school fans. If you're looking to get your face kicked in by a band who promise to play it louder than hell then Invultation are your band, and they're going to crack your skull in for you. 

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