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Monday, January 17, 2022

Pure Wrath - Hymn To The Woeful Hearts

Now this is a true crusher. Pure Wrath are a one of a kind underground band whose take on black metal is passionate and clearheaded. Their newest LP, Hymn To The Woeful Hearts is a stunner any way you slice it, crushing listeners with incisive riffs but also using tastefully executed atmospherics to keep listeners entranced with the potent darkness that has come to shape this band and give us all a way to get lost in the overarching darkness. It's black metal done right, bringing in myriad elements and with a unique vision - outlining the oftentimes tragic history of Indonesia. 

Pure Wrath have crafted something here that is brutally real. They outline endless atrocities and horrors that scar their nations history, but do so by executing some of the best written black metal I've heard in a good long time. The production is flawless, with tracks like "Presages From A Restless Soul" biting you with tremolo guitars but sounding good enough to keep even relative newcomers to the genre sated. As a rule this is a tremendous sounding release, one that really draws out vast sonic vistas and encourages listeners to look out deeply, experiencing the power of true Indonesian darkness and get lost in the abyss they create. 

Hymn To The Woeful Hearts is an absolute monster of a record, its epic in scale and tackles some very heavy subject matter. This is a record that I think a broad swathe of black metal fans could end up falling in love with, simply because it sounds so good, and brings so much to the table. It's hard not to be impressed by the layers here and the overarching vision behind the music. When you dive into Hymn To The Woeful Hearts you are experiencing a unique sort of darkness that will keep you coming back time and time again.

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