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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Druid Lord - Relics Of The Dead

Death doom is a really wonderful genre in a lot of ways. It's a delight to really immerse yourself in some of its darkest visions and get lost in the layers of blasphemy that help to make it so special. Such is the case for Druid Lord, a band whose underground aura and wonderful overarching sense of creepiness has made their latest offering Relics Of The Dead an addictive listen chock to the brim with crushing riffs and glorious death metal ministrations. This is underground music done right and it's going to keep you drinking blood late into the night. 

Relics Of The Dead impresses because of the breadth of the vision behind it. This is a death doom nerds death doom record, full of everythign that makes the genre special and really speaking to the sort of great internal darkness that I think we all hope to see from a band like this. The cover art really says it all, this is death doom done in the grand old style, full of evil and occult vibes and delighted to drink your blood at the drop of a hat. Getting lost in the madness is a delight because things will only get more blasphemous and twisted from here. 

Druid Lord are cult favorites for a reason and Hells Headbangers is exactly the label to catapult them to the recognition they so richly deserve. This is doomed death metal from the crypt, for the crypt and letting yourself get lost in the creepy dungeons and morbid hatred that defines this record is a blast. Join me in drinking from the unholy chalice and falling in love once more with the twisted hellscape that only doom death can provide. Relics Of The Dead is a masterful offering and I think we all hope for more soon!

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