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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Hammr - Eternal Possession


Hammr are the sort of old school black metal force that requires a deep familiarity with the genre to truly appreciate, but for those of us who are immersed in this kind of music what they do is thrilling. Their new record Eternal Possession is steeped in the magic of bands like Hellhammer or Celtic Frost. It's got those old school Bathory vibes with the lo fi production and the sense that everything could fall apart at any moment. This is the sort of recording that takes a tape buzz as a way to help fuel the sound and contribute to the magic. 

It's clear that Hammr are proud to wear their influences on their sleeve, but this record seems to eagerly go so much beyond that. There is a level of swagger on Eternal Possession that few of the bands peers could imitate. The washed out vocals are twisted screams, with all sorts of effects on them to make the most lo fi and dangerous sounding recording possible. It's exactly the sort of thing that really reflects the basement energy of the early extreme metal scene and it's a delight to hear a band in 2022 delivering this exact style of music with grit and aplomb, consistently proving their own excellence and charming listeners with the audacity of their delivery. 

Eternal Possession is a stunner any way you slice it and it's a delight to get lost in the blazing assault and unrelenting blast furnace that crafts these tracks. It's a black metal nerds black metal record, gorge on its own bloodlust and eager to prove to listeners once and for all that Hammr are a force to be reckoned with. Getting lost in the twisted burning wreckage of this band is a delight and something that underground fans are going to be relentlessly charmed by. Eternal Possession is quite the rallying cry and one DIY black metal warriors will endlessly enjoy.

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