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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Kluizenaer - Ein Abbild Der Leere


From the ever exciting German black metal scene comes even more brilliance this time in the form of oppressive black metals Kluizenaer. Their new record, Ein Abbild Der Leere (Translated: An Image Of Emptiness) is a crushing and at times terrifying offering, a record that often eagerly laps up the blood and hints at so many dark things to come. This is black metal done in the most gloriously twisted way, with strains of doom and an overarching sense that the world is collapsing around you - but after all - it actually is. 

The beauty of this record is in its production. It's got abyssal guitar tones and some really avant garde takes that really make it a rewarding listening experience. Then you've got the incredibly ominous and terrifying interlude of "Olgotze" which really works to amplify the creepiness of what Kluizenaer have accomplished here. The end result is a record that is oppressive and terrifying, eager to choke listeners and full of the wonderfully bleak magic that makes the best black metal so compelling and twisted. It's black metal to make you question the nature of reality, because in many ways Kluizenaer are gloriously and outrageously at war with it. 

This is a black metal record that really pushes boundaries and drags listeners with them straight to hell. Ein Abbild Der Leere is an absolute crusher, a terrifying record that leaves listeners gasping for air and begging for more. This is what black metal was meant to be about, devilish music to keep you terrified and suffering. It's a release in an era of dissent and a sound that is going to keep thrilling listeners wherever they go. Kluizenaer have found a hell of a formula and I'm excited to see more from them soon. 

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