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Monday, January 10, 2022

Possessor - The Speed Of Death

Possessor has for a few years now probven themselves to be among the sickest projects coming out of the UK's fertile underground. Now though they have gone and done it, closed the coffin lid and called an end to the band. But not without leaving us a final dose of heavy. Their final EP, The Speed Of Death sees the band take their Motorhead-esque swagger and crushing you with Celtic Frost worshiping riffs. This is underground metal for the true freak, dedicated to the early 80s sound and constantly searching for that next big hit. 

The bands trademark snarl really shines through here, with reverbed out vocals guiding the troops to war on tracks like "Draw Blood". The way the band blends a sort of fried blues Uncle Acid-esque sensibility with much heavier grooves reminiscent of Panzerfaust-era Darkthrone is really impressive. Few bands manage to distill influences in the way Possessor did, and the end result is some very compelling, wonderfully hard hitting heavy music that will leave you headbanging your way through the darkest hours. This is metal done right, prone to getting you jumping up and down in excitement, lusting for that next sick riff. 

The Speed Of Death is, at the end of the day, a crusher. It's a wonderfully heavy record that will leave you in awe of the bands cosmic crush. These bass driven tracks are groovy and exciting, a unique blend of genres executed in a way that we might never see again. Possessor were truly something special for the scene at large, and getting immersed in it will always be a delight. The band may be finished, but at least we are left with their music, riffs that will last a lifetime and continually prove how special the band was.

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