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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Old Spirit - S/T

Now this is an interesting one. I feel like so often retro-leaning records don't really gel the influences that they seem so proud to tout. Old Spirit are completely different. They understand the magic of everyone from Arthur Brown to Mercyful Fate and have used it to craft a psychedelic rock record that is creepy and over the top, fully aware of its own bombast and determined to thrill listeners as they delve ever deeper into the weird sonic landscapes that Old Spirit craft on this mammoth self titled debut. It's a stunner any way you slice it. 

There is a real sense of occult rock magic that helps to make this a compelling listen. It's the sort of thing that is aware of its own artsiness, and that ends up being more of a feature than a bug. The end result is a record that feels like it would be straight out of the late 70s. It's a record that captures the imagination with its vision and continually seems to drive towards something grander. If you let yourself get lost in the proggy and hard rocking magic of what Old Spirit have done then you're going to feel an older power coursing through your veins. I know that sounds very 'woo woo' but there's a sense of fun that makes this all very rewarding. 

So yeah - if you're looking for something that scratches that retro itch in a creative way, similar to bands like Old Man Gloom then this is for you. It's creepy and weird and delightful to sink your teeth into. This is heavy rock done right, with an eye for the past and an amalgamation of sounds that hints at a bolder future. Join me in getting lost in the magic and reveling in the glorious and gorgeous sounds that make up this debut from Old Spirit. It's a delight to sink your teeth into and mesmerize yourself with continually.  

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