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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Ultra Silvam - The Sanctity Of Death

Ok this is fuckin' sick. Ultra Silvam are a brand new Swedish black metal band blood drunk on their own swagger. This is extreme metal executed at a wonderfully high level, full of death defying histrionics, crushing riffs and an overarching sense that we are all going to be made to suffer. Their debut offering The Sanctity Of Death is an absolute monster of a record out in a few months on Shadow Records/Regain Records. It's a black metal fans black metal record, full of the potent magic that helps to make this music so compelling and such a delight to get immersed in in the first place. 

What really gets me about this record is the sheer bombast. There is a real sense of old school guts n' glory black metal about the band that makes them especially compelling to me and thrilling to really let yourself get lost in. This is black metal that isn't afraid to be flashy and bloodthirsty and generally drive listeners to the brink of sanity. This is black metal done to crack skulls and impress upon listeners that the only way out is with your skull severed from your body. The Sanctity Of Death is exactly the sort of high energy bone crunching epic that so many of us lap up so eagerly. It's high powered and executed with a radical intensity. 

Join me in feasting on the darkness and drinking from the night itself. This is a black metal that leaves mothers running in fear and for those of us who remain true til death there is no better gift to keep you raging into the abyss. Get lost in the madness of The Sanctity Of Death with me and revel in the madness that Ultra Silvam have so eagerly conjured up. This is a record to keep you coming back time and time again, and at only 28 minutes the level of replayability is extremely high. If you're ready for the madness, prepare for February 20th. 

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