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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Atoll - Prepuce


There's something about brutal death metal and slam that really awakens my inner fifteen year old. It's the simple brutality of the music, the desire to just smash your skull all the way in and force you to choke on the bitter magic of the genre. This isn't music for normal people. It's brutal death metal for people who want to get lost in the hatred and experience the over the top magic of a brutal death metal record that starts with a Family Guy sample. So yes - it's immature and stupid, but if we're being honest that's kind of the point and why we love it. 

In terms of pure musical content this record is excellent. While it's certainly not reinventing the genre, the understanding of chromatic slam breakdowns is top notch and the vocals cover a variety of brutal vocal styles, from classic growls to pig squeals, vicious shrieks and more. It's a delight to really immerse yourself in the brutality and come to understand the layers of darkness that choke out listeners and leave them gasping for air. Atoll have gone above and beyond on this record to really tie into so many of the classic elements that make this genre so worthwhile and get listeners immersing themselves in the brutality of this music. 

Prepuce is a stunner any way you slice it. At around 22 minutes long it has high replayability and is sure to capture the imaginations of all who like it brutal, wicked and just a tad tongue in cheek. It's a crazy and fun album to be sure but one that I think devotees of the genre are really going to get. Let yourself get lost in the pig squealing magic and the brutal riffing devastation and you'll soon be headed to a whole new sublevel of darkness. This is slam done right, so dive on in and join me, the blood is fine. 

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