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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Cailleach Calling - Dreams Of Fragmentation

Cailleach Calling is a truly interesting and intricate progressive black metal band featuring members of both Botanist and Dawn of Ouroboros. Their music is gloriously composed, intricately layered and showcasing deep layers of compositional wizardry. The end result is an emotional and powerful offering full of potent compositions and glorious production that makes for perfect Sunday morning listening. This is USBM done right, intelligent, thoughtful, and consistently proving that these Californians are among the best in the game. 

Dreams Of Fragmentation impresses because of the breadth of the composition. This is a record that pushes above and beyond, with gorgeous synths elegantly riding on top of twisted black metal riffs. The instrumental performances in general are stunners through and through, they speak to the bleak nature of the genre and showcase just how good these guys are. It's a delight to really let yourself get lost in the twisted layers of what's been done here. Dreams Of Fragmentation is a progressive black metal addicts progressive black metal record. The songs are long, there's many layers that demand multiple listens and generally speaking, it's a brainy release that rewards devout fans. 

Cailleach Calling has managed to really stand apart with this debut. It's a towering release and one that I think devotees of this scene are going to find endlessly exciting. Everything from the vocal performances to the high powered guitars is entrancing and speaks to a unique level of talent and dedication. Even if this just ends up being a one off pandemic project, it's a potent release that I think you're going to find yourself continually coming back too in awe of all that has unfolded across these songs.

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