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Saturday, February 19, 2022

Saqraruna - Under The Light Of Mountains

Under The Light Of Mountains is an extremely interesting one. It's a black metal record from Peru focused around the history of the country, especially with regards to colonialism. The musicians unleash hellish atmospheric black metal, but also eagerly integrate pre-hispanic influences and place a focus on telling their stories of oppression and helping to construct the narrative around what their people have suffered through. The end result is an emotionally powerful and deeply intense offering that listeners can't help but to get lost in. 

Saqraruna have unleashed some truly potent black metal magic on this album with dark and nebulous vibes capturing the imagination and speaking to the inherent torment of this genre. There are so many gloriously twisted layers here and an overarching sense that the pre-Colombian world of South America might have been a better one. It's a delight to really let yourself get lost in the darkness of this album and experience the sorrowful stories that Sagraruna unveil on this offering. It makes for compelling listening from a band who are directly addressing a topic that has deeply impacted many facets of their lives for as long as anyone can remember. 

This is a thrilling record any way you slice it and it's a delight to really get lost in the bleak layers of Under The Light Of Mountains. There are few better examples of artists using black metal to directly address complicated histories, and this album seems like it can be a shining example of how to execute it on an extremely high level. Saqraruna have managed to be truly impressive on this album and the deeper I delve the more I am in awe with what they have done. Join me in revel]ling in the madness, this is black metal executed with a lust for something more.

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