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Monday, February 21, 2022

Freja - Tides

Now here's a good one. Freja are a one of a kind force in the underground, having emerged from the Dutch supergroup Maalstroom. They are a potent reflection of all the magic the Dutch scene has been conjuring up lately with emotional and beautiful atmospheric black metal that speaks to the soul and reflects the depth of the composition of the band crafting the music .This is black metal done right, with a clear vision and a dark future in mind. It's a record that will draw you in, and leave fans of the genre in awe at their virtuosity within the genre. 

Tides is a thriller because it moves like the ocean, rising and falling, continually speaking to the compositional excellence of the band. This is a group that borders on the transcendent and consistently speaks to the pulsating might of the underground. This is what black metal looks like when completely given over to smooth, and yet titanic atmospheres. It's such a delight to get lost in the pitch black vibes of Freja and their ability to craft voluminous walls of sound and leave listeners in awe as they find themselves dragged deeper into the wellspring of riffs and reveling in the eternal darkness that the band seem so eager to reflect. 

Delving into Tides is a treat and it speaks to just how talented the folks in Freja are. This is a duo who have nicely captured the darkness of black metal but also its beauty. The end result is a beautifully produced offering that shines in the execution with a vision that is going to keep you coming back. It's this type of black meta, with its larger than life scope and sense of glorious ominous darkness that leaves me in awe and eager for more. Freja are a true force in the underground and I revel in their journey to the deepest depths.

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